Flat Rock Furniture:

Designed to turn heads

At Flat Rock, we strive to create unique furniture that makes a statement–whether you’re designing a cozy, rustic cafe, or furnishing your cabin sanctuary, your vision deserves furniture that’s elegant, timeless, and most importantly, conversation-worthy. Flat Rock combines traditional methods of craftsmanship and nostalgic solid hickory with a broad range of designs, fabrics, finish selections, and customization options for furniture that preserves traditions while remaining undeniably unique.

Why choose hickory wood?

Hickory wood’s strength, durability, and sustainability make it an ideal material for furniture designed to last generations. Because we preserve the natural look of the hickory, no two pieces of furniture are exactly the same, just as no two trees grow identically.


Stronger than oak


Distinctive look


Known as nearly indestructible


Rapidly renewable resource

Flat Rock Furniture Chair

Roots that run deep

Flat Rock Furniture was established in 1986 by Van McQueen, preserving the three-hundred-year-old American tradition of creating distinctive furniture from tree saplings.  Working with renowned designer Jim Peed, Flat Rock endeavored to raise the bar for sophistication in rustic furniture, and quickly became the first choice of designers and collectors.

Today, our talented craftsmen continue to use time-honored techniques to build elegant heirloom furniture you can find not only in homes across America, but in hotels, restaurants, resorts, and private clubs throughout the world. 

Proud to be Green

Flat Rock sources its wood from hickory saplings, which are a rapidly renewable resource. These saplings are fully grown trees that have never reached full height because the shade from taller trees in the forest stunts their growth. Their removal contributes to the overall health of the forests.

Harvest removes the saplings before they die and become a fire hazard

Clears the way for new, healthy forest growth

Stumps produce new, usable trees in 8-10 years

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