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About Flat Rock Furniture

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary

Founded in 1986 by Van McQueen, Flat Rock Furniture is the leading manufacturer of upscale rustic hickory furniture.  Flat Rock designs include both classic American hickory furnishings and cutting edge styles and fashions. High quality and excellent customer service are hallmarks of Flat Rock Furniture. Popular in homes, resorts, camps, and commercial/hospitality settings, Flat Rock is the first choice of designers for commercial and residential interiors.  Flat Rock Furniture is made in the USA by our talented craftsmen in Tyner, KY, is prized by collectors, and is designed for generations of enjoyment.

Made From a Rapidly Renewable Resource

Flat Rock produces furniture from round wood, small diameter sapling trees that grow in the understory of mature forests.  These naturally occurring saplings are stunted from the shade of larger trees and are wasted when mature timber is logged.  They are considered a nuisance and a fire hazard by foresters; so Flat Rock has developed synergistic relationships with forest products companies to remove these saplings before they are destroyed by logging operations.  You could say Flat Rock is a mini-logger.

Peyton with small hickory sapling (2) (640x426)


Often asked if Flat Rock replants hickory trees after harvesting, the answer is…it isn’t necessary.  Once harvested, the saplings regenerate from the stump, a process known as coppicing.  They then grow into usable trees in 8 to 10 years, qualifying them as a rapidly renewable resource.

Van and Amy McQueen

Van and Amy McQueen