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FRF Miss. Unfinished Chairs
Furniture frames ready for finishing and
upholstery at our facility in Mississippi.
Large orders can be processed in minimum time
with our excellent craftsmen and manufacturing facilities.
FRF Miss. - Finished Chairs
Finished chairs ready to be packaged and
shipped to our customer.  With two manufacturing
facilities, Flat Rock produces many large custom orders
in a timely manner .

All Flat Rock Furniture products are made from hickory saplings.  Hickory is dense, flexible and very strong and it is the best wood for Appalachian Furniture.  Stronger than oak, it has been the wood of choice for Appalachian furniture for centuries. 

We use only select hickory wyths (saplings), which are harvested by hand.  After harvesting, each wyth or stick is inspected and graded and sorted into stacks for natural air-drying.  Air drying takes time and costs more but it allows the wood to release its moisture slowly and thus prevents cracking.  Once the sticks have air-dried, the remaining moisture is removed by kiln-drying.  Kiln-drying reduces wood moisture to a precise level for proper stability.  After drying the poles and sticks are cut to length, carefully sanded to the required bark texture and then drilled, domed or tennoned for final assembly.  All Flat Rock Furniture is assembled with our proprietary mortise and tennoned joint construction technology.  This exclusive Flat Rock feature ensures a lasting joint that won't loosen after years of rugged use.

Curved hoops and bends are created through steaming and pressure bending.  Hickory is perfectly suited for this purpose because hickory has a long and fibrous cellular structure.  After drying, the wood holds its new form and is ready for assembly.  Frame assembly requires skilled craftsmen.  No two trees grow alike so each piece of wood is unique in shape and size.  The unique nature of each piece requires careful measuring and drilling for a correct fit.  Once all the pieces are fitted, they are assembled with the strongest glue and fastened with stainless tell nails and screws.  The assembled frames are then sanded and hand finished.  Finishing steps may include hand staining for pieces with the bark removed.  After final sanding, all frames are then sealed with a non yellowing, water white conversion varnish for a lasting finish.

Flat Rock offers a wide variety of fabrics in different grades to compliment your setting.  All fabrics and leathers are hand-fitted by our professional upholsterers who take time and great care in fitting the wide variety of fabrics we use.  Also, Flat Rock's new "SLIP SEAT" design offers great ease of seat removal when you decide to change your fabric at a later time.

We define value as what lasts the longest for the least cost.  Our efforts remain committed to this simple principle;  because good quality and good taste never go out of style.

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