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For over three hundred years Americans have constructed furniture from tree saplings.  These naturally occurring small trees are stunted from the shade of larger trees in the forest.  Harvesting of these saplings helps the forest in two ways:  (1) if the saplings are allowed to die, they become a fire hazard and (2) harvesting these trees helps the forest by giving newer, healthier trees a chance to become established.  These small trees are a renewable resource.  Within a few months after the trees are cut, the stump produces a new tree. 

The harvested trees are usually thirty to forty years old with diameters less than six inches. Abundant in supply, their dense wood is perfect for steaming and bending to create perhaps the strongest wood furniture made today.  The choice specie of wood for this purpose is hickory, a dense and fibrous wood valued for its strength and durability.  Known as nearly indestructible, hickory furniture has become prized by collectors who seek examples of early American hand crafts.

Since 1986, Flat Rock Furniture has been the preferred maker of Hickory Furniture.  We use craftsmen and modern manufacturing techniques to create the best quality in rustic furniture.  With
renowned furniture designer Jim Peed, we have set the standard for rustic furniture design.  By combining quality and classic rustic design, our custom design service and Jim Peed's designs, Flat Rock Furniture offers you more choice and value than any of our competitors.

Flat Rock Furniture is not only found in homes across America, but in hotels, restaurants, resorts and private clubs throughout the world.  Our broad range of designs, custom goods, fabrics and finish selections for you to create a setting that is pleasing, comfortable and a tasteful reflection of your style.

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